Sixpoint Puff

Assuming you were lucky enough to spend at least a portion of this past holiday weekend drinking on someone’s roof or in their backyard, there’s a very good chance you also spent some time shopping for beer, whether at your local bodega, fancy grocery store, or bottle shop. And so there is also a good chance you saw for the first time a brand new offering from Sixpoint—a “cloudy” double IPA called Puff.

Available in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans, Puff is a big beer: it comes in at just a hair under 10% ABV, and well over 100 IBUs, or, international battering units—all of which is to say it’s far from easy drinking.

Puff is not an entirely new beer, though: it’s an alternate take on their year-round double IPA, Resin, pulled “straight from the tanks,” with a “hazy, unfiltered pour” and an “extra dose of dry hops.” It’s Sixpoint throwing its hat in the ring among the new class of Northeast breweries that have become known for unfiltered IPAs that look more like juice than beer. But rather than going for the tropical flavor profile that’s become so popular in recent years, Sixpoint doubles down on the dank thing (hence all the not-so-subtle weed references—samples were delivered to my office along with Sixpoint-branded rolling paper and matches, see below), with usual west coast suspects pine and grapefruit making appearances as well.

Sixpoint Puff Weed Swag

Frankly, I’ve grown tired of craft beer’s continued reliance on dopey puns, especially those of the weed-related variety, but Puff is delicious enough that I’ll simply cough up (ha?) another $14 and maybe roll my eyes in private.

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