Brooklyn’s 50 Funniest People: Naomi Fry

Naomi Fry
As the copy chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Fry lends her discerning eye to the minutia of moveable type, sure. But where she really shines is examining the uncouth and campy cultural ephemera we all love to hate, like the reality show Vanderpump Rules, or the unlikely beauty contained in the Instagram account of Brett Ratner. Fry takes small, muddy things and recasts them as gleaming, iconic, and infinitely laughable—the same transformative force at work in the heart of every visionary comic force.
When was the first time you remember making someone laugh? What happened?
When I was in elementary school I used to make these proto-satirical single-copy “magazines” where I’d clumsily parody women’s publications. I thought they were the funniest thing ever and I remember laughing really hard while writing them. Not sure anyone else laughed but in my opinion there’s nothing more important than making yourself laugh at your own jokes!
What is the toughest part about being on the comedy scene in Brooklyn today? What is the best?
I’m not on the comedy scene in Brooklyn per se, unless tweeting compulsively from my day job counts? Which maybe it does, nowadays? And maybe that’s “tough,” in that I have to “multitask”? The best part about it obviously is discovering smart funny like-minded people who make you laugh.
Nothing has influenced me more humor-wise than Carrie Fisher circa Postcards from the Edge. That and 1980s Garfield strips and Amy Sedaris in Strangers with Candy. I’m also deeply in love with Nick Kroll.
What was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
I’m reading Andy Cohen’s first memoir now and it’s amazingly funny. I’m obsessed.
What are your goals for your comedy career?
It would nice to write for TV? Maybe I’m kidding myself?
And finally: What is your favorite knock-knock (or otherwise goofy) joke?
“I just flew in from Vegas and boy are my arms tired,” a joke I was first introduced to via my comedy mentor Garfield.
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Photo by Nicolas Maloof.


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