If Trump Wins, Find Love in Canada with Maple Match

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Oh, Canada. You are so charming: Your country is filled with kind and open people, your flag is quite attractive (not to mention your prime minister, who once challenged a political contender to a boxing match and will hold forth on quantum physics off the cuff), and you produce a lot of maple syrup. Sure, you might be incredibly cold, but your purity and the hotness of your prime minister make us love you very much.

Which is why a new dating app—Maple Match—is all the more exciting. Upon the scary eventuality that Donald Trump becomes president, Maple Match provides a medium to connect horrified Americans, who can’t fathom existing in Trump-led America, with single Canadians, so that they may leave, make Canadian babies, and never come home.

The app is not officially operational yet, but you can sign up for the wait list, as thousands already have. And, even if Trump doesn’t win, maybe you still want to use this? As mentioned above, our neighbor to the north has a lot of great qualities, and dating in New York City is awful.

Its founder, Joe Goldman, is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Austin, Texas, according to The Guardian. He thought up Maple Match because he has “liberal persuasions” but lives among conservative Texans. If Trump doesn’t win, Goldman agrees it might be a good idea to keep the app alive.

“This site shows that a lot of people are frustrated with the current dating options,” Goldman said of the ever-growing, viral interest in Maple Match. “A lot of Americans really want to meet Canadians. They’re looking for something new and something better.”

This might be a little bit of the grass is always greener syndrome; but, honestly, in Canada, I think it really is.



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