Extra Fancy Gets an Extra Fancy (and Much Bigger) Side Yard and Bar

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Already, there is plenty to love at Extra Fancy in Williamsburg. Men in muscle shirts serving boozy concoctions during seafood-heavy brunches and late night meals, plus mouthwatering food and exceptional merriment. And while there was already a nice backyard for warm weather dining, now the popular drinking and dining destination has added a significant upgrade to its outdoor seating with a much larger side-yard, complete with its own bar.

As Gothamist reports, the space adjacent to the restaurant had previously been underused; when they went to visit this week, renovations were not quite complete. But starting this Saturday, it’s slated to be up and operational.

Big picnic tables fill up the considerable outdoor area that used to be a Mobil gas station back in the 40s; cold beverages are served on tap at the outdoor bar, including beers, wine, and cocktails, all on draft. Beverage director and co-owner Rob Krueger told Gothamist that they’ll add to their frozen drink list, but keep crowd-favorites Frozémonade (frozen rosé plus lemonade) and the frozen gin and tonic with a blended cucumber.

Food service is also planned, but will not begin this weekend; eventually they will serve shellfish by the pound, along with a raw bar. Meanwhile, the side area will be host to a backyard Crawfish Boil (on Saturday, from noon until 4pm), and Brooklyn Brewery will take over draft selections just for this event.

This sounds very pleasant, and it is made even more so by the fact that you don’t even have to venture inside to use the restroom; an old hut on site was converted into bathrooms. Come to think of it, none of these amenities—picnic tables, wine, beer, and cocktails on tap, a hut-as-bathroom—are particularly fancy. But the sheer convenience of of it all, now that is something special. And in a city that lacks for things that come easily, this in and of itself might be considered quite fancy.

Extra Fancy: 302 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg


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