Here Is When Manhattanhenge Is Happening in 2016, If the Sun Ever Shines Again

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Ok, we’re called Brooklyn Magazine, and most of us here (save for one person—you know who you are) live in the borough we work in and write about, because there is great shit going on in Brooklyn all of the time, and it’s beautiful, and so on and so forth.

However. Every once in a while, that old chum of ours ~Manhattan~ really shows us up. And when that happens, we are left with no choice but to go ahead and acknowledge that this is true, otherwise we would lose all credibility as Brooklynites, i.e., people who claim to recognize and to like said cool shit.

And so, it is in this spirit that we take a moment to acknowledge, and then bow down to, this year’s Manhattanhenge dates—those four, glimmering perfect moments in time every calendar year, in which the sun perfectly aligns with the Avenues of the Isle of Manhattan, and thereby creates an ephemeral, luminously grand spectacle for all of us to take in and marvel at. Yes, we may be producers of “culture,” but Manhattanhenge reminds us that, actually, Space is still way cooler than anything we can make.

The American Museum of Natural History relayed this year’s Manhattanhenge dates to Gothamist, and so we, now, have the pleasure of sharing them with you, so that you can make sure to plan your trips to our fair borough to the West, at the appropriate times, to take in these glorious moments in person—that is, given that the sun ever does choose to shine again.

The two half sun Manhattanhenge dates and times are:
May 29 at 8:12pm
July 12 at 8:20pm

The two full sun Manhattanhenge dates and times are:
May 30 (this is so soon!) at 8:12pm
July 12 at 8:20pm

Finally, if you want to learn about this phenomenon from a scientist, strike that, an honest to goodness astrophysicist, head to the Hayden Planetarium on May 12 to listen to the very smart person Jackie Flaherty tell you all about it.


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