Live in this Tiny Brooklyn Pet Flop House for 500K

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It’s hard to live in Brooklyn, right? I mean, it’s wonderful but—wow—it sure is a money hemorrhage. Are you thinking about down-sizing in order to save some cash? Really, who needs more than a few hundred square feet, or a single window to stay safely sheltered and continue to get up in the morning? Nobody, really! Plus, the tiny house movement is so hot right now; you could economize your ecological footprint and be on trend if you found a spot like that. Plus, you’d be richer.

Psyche! This is Brooklyn. Normal space-to-cost ratios mean nothing. Because, for example, if you were to buy and live in this Gravesend tool shed on the market, you’d pay $499,000 for it.

The New York Post reports that a realtor has listed what, in fact, used to be a “flop house for pets, mostly pit bulls,” at 86 Bay 47th Street for just under a half million dollars. After all, it has amenities. A “partially finished basement,” plus “a small bathroom, gas, heat and hot water,” and—not to miss!—old aluminum siding, which contains all of this home’s 312 square feet, first built in the 1920s.

The ad calls this domestic jewel, “Better than a condo.. asking only $499,000!” and a “great opportunity.” It’s also listed on and, so everyone’s taking this very seriously.

However, the realtor the Post talked to is grounded in reality about this “legal, single-family home,” this “teeny tiny house, the smallest one [he’s] ever sold.” He is, after all, a professional: “So it needs some work,” he conceded.

But! Its driveway can fit “six whole cars.” So there you go, it’s not just a tool shed, it’s a tool shed with six guest bedrooms en suite. And finally, the Post points out, this property sits just a couple of blocks away from Coney Island Creek. It might be one of New York City’s filthiest waterways, but just like this tool shed, hidden beneath all that muck, is one of life’s basic necessities.




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