Let Rihanna’s Harmony Korine-Directed “Needed Me” Video Light Up Your 4/20

Rihanna Needed Me Video Harmony Korine

We’ve already established that Anti is the best pop album of the year (fuck a title), and in celebration of her favorite holiday (4/20), Rihanna has decided to bestow another gem on us: a Harmony Korine-directed video for “Needed Me.” Though this track hasn’t gotten a lot of critical attention so far–shouts out to Greil Marcus though–it is a seething, wiry evisceration of romantic expectations. It functions as diss track while still managing to sound like a sexual invitation, the quintessential Rihanna sweet spot. It’s easy to pick up the Harmony Korine influence here, the clip loosely follows the plot of Spring Breakers, beachy but also dark and riveting. Watch below.

Anti is out now via Roc Nation Records. Get the deluxe version–“Sex With Me” is full of unmissable pussy exultation.


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