Alamo Drafthouse Will Open in Downtown Brooklyn This Summer

Alamo Drafthouse

Downtown Brooklyn sure is changing. New towers, new food markets, soup dumplings, and now the latest coming attraction: An Alamo Draft House, the original destination for eating, drinking (alcohol), and watching movies all at the same time, is about to join this Downtown party.

Yesterday, Alamo Draft House announced its new seven-screen cinema as part of the colossal City Point development in Downtown Brooklyn. Movies, sandwiches, beers, and spirits—and an explicit “no talking, no texting” policy—will unleash themselves upon the Fulton Mall area this summer.

The theater’s construction is in its final stages at the intersection of Fulton and Flatbush Avenues. The Downtown Brooklyn Alamo will screen a mix of independent releases and big budget Hollywood films in both 35mm and digital formats.

Of its arrival here, Drafthouse CEO and founder, Tim League, said, “It’s been a long time coming but we cannot wait to bring the Alamo Drafthouse experience to Brooklyn.” Brooklyn Creative Manager Cristina Cacioppo added, “This city has the most adventurous audiences of anywhere in the world and our screens will be reflective of that.” A press release also noted that the cinema’s standard Terror Tuesday, Video Vortex, and Girlie Nights will be incorporated into said wild and crazy New York City programming lineup.

Plus: All seven screens will be availed of the cinema’s most exciting feature: eats and drinks; a full menu will be reflective of “local flavors and ingredients,” says the release. Bar-wise, there will be “a deep array of the best local beers on tap as well as the finest hand-crafted cocktails.”

For more info about Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn, visit here.


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