This Video Makes Me Want To Get Drunk With Selena Gomez

Drunk Selena Gomez Dancing To Rihanna
Okay, it’s my birthday so allow me one silly-hearted post. Selena Gomez looks like she is an absolute gem to take shots and dance on a bar with, and since that’s what I feel like doing this evening, this video of her hanging out in Texas is really speaking to me. Maybe she will show up in Brooklyn later tonight and repeat all this to help me to ring in 28? That’s highly doubtful, so instead I’ll let us all live vicariously through this series of clips instead.

First things first, it is the engagement party of Selena’s cousin, so she is particularly joyous and free on this evening. Second, she has great taste in pop music (as one of the best in the game), and is jamming to Rihanna’s “Work,” which means she knows Anti is lowkey one of the best albums we’re going to get this year. Then, there’s a tagged-on clip of her getting down to “Hotline Bling,” too, which just affirms her taste all the way down the line. Of all the songs that came out last year, that song is genuinely the most fun song to dance to. Period. Oh and this adorable pic–above–of her posing like she has a ring, too. (Please, someone make sure Bieber doesn’t read anything into that?)

But the best thing about this video is how unabashedly carefree she is–she looks goofy and silly and happy. It’s so rare for us to get a real glimpse of the musical avatars we think we know and love, and moments like this seem to provide just that. It reminds me of one of those really good early twenties nights, when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. I wish that for myself tonight, on my birthday. I wish that for all of this some night this weekend–life is too fucking short, gloomy, and full of terror not to pursue those moments with abandon when they come. Thank you Rihanna, for inspiring this kind of happiness in your fellow pop star–and in us.



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