Shaping the Surf: Lone Wolfs Objets d’Surf Founders on Original Craft

A celebration of original craft and surf culture.

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Taste Talks in partnership with Mount Gay hosted four events across the country featuring creative makers and craftsmen who are forging a new path in the spirit of the old ways.

Surf culture has gone through many changes over time, but Scott Brown and Alex Kemp, founders of LA’s Lone Wolfs Objets d’Surf, still didn’t see a place for their vision of surf to live.

“We’re a surf brand that combined passions that to us, were a little more real. Our historical references, film references, other kind of cultural heroes, mixing that together,” Scott Brown explained.

The shop, located in the heart of Venice, hosts a unique collections of surf gear–with an edgy spin that makes Lone Wolfs in a league of their own. Fins with Psycho references, boards with macabre quotes and re-imagined classic images make Kemp and Brown stand out in their original craft.

“Every morning we go surfing, and it connects us to our lives and makes us better people, and how can we share that in a meaningful and rich way to other people, that’s the ancient tradition.” Alex closed.

Brown and Kemp, along with Brooklyn makers from the clothing brand, The Hill-side, and Chicago’s Intelligentsia coffee, are craftsmen who embody the spirit of the old ways, and we are proud to highlight their work in partnership with Mount Gay Rum.

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