Tomorrow, Dear Bushwick 2.0 Is All Boozy Shakes and Burgers

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Dear Dear Bushwick, you’ve been great to us for a while now. You’ve offered traditional English country fare and gin and Irish whiskey cocktails in a welcoming, cozy space for four years. That’s a long time! It’s equivalent, I think, to a decade in a pre-Internet America. Maybe you’re feeling an itch to shake things up?

Oh, you are shaking things up? That’s exciting. You’re re-opening Dear Bushwick tomorrow as “Sincerely Burgers by Dear Bushwick,” by serving burgers and lots of boozy milkshakes? That is very exciting, indeed. Nothing like boozy milkshakes and grilled meat on buns to get us real excited for Summer ’16, Brooklyn Edition. But we’ll even start eating and drinking these things in cooler weather, as a warm up—even tomorrow, if we must.

Dear Bushwick Propriety Julian Mohamed told Bushwick Daily that it was monotony that persuaded his team to transform into something decidedly more American than the nod to his English roots that was Dear Bushwick’s first iteration. “We want a little more excitement, something more fun and accessible, and something that is more synergistic with Yours Sincerely next door,” Mohamed said.

Oh, that place? Your new bar with glorious cocktails, pre-batched, on tap, like you once found at a bar in your native country? Yeah, love that place.

Mohamed said the kitchen at Sincerely Burgers by Dear Bushwick will be helmed by a new executive chef, Christian Ortiz—who, says Mohamed,”really gets the neighborhood”—and managed by Mohamed himself and Darren Grenia, just like before.

And—last but not remotely close to least—those milkshakes: Grenia is developing a brand new frozen alcoholic program—five milkshakes will be filled with booze, and five will be booze-free (so we may re-charge, just for a minute); and all are invited to this party: there will be dairy free version as well. House-made sodas will also be thrown in the mix, just like at Yours Sincerely next door.

Mohamed promises that Sincerely Burgers by Dear Bushwick will “work well,” especially in tandem with Yours Sincerely mere steps away, so that we may “have some cocktails, and then pop over for some food, or vice versa.” Which, of course, we could have done already, but all I know is that I’ve never met a burger and a boozy milkshake combination I didn’t like. So that works quite well for me.


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