A Beautiful Argument for Getting Stoned in Public: ‘At The Symphony’

Melaena Cadiz, via melaenacadiz.com
Melaena Cadiz, via melaenacadiz.com

Technically speaking, singer songwriter Maleana Cadiz is based out of LA. But for many years before that, she lived in Greenpoint. And for some of that time, we served in the same Greenpoint restaurant. It was a joy, and here’s why: Cadiz would hum and sing to herself as she filled up water bottles and whisked hot plates of French food to hungry diners, cleared old dishes from their tables, and cut slices of table bread.

Meanwhile, I frantically made a whole bunch of mixed drinks with too many garnishes and suffered from almost-crushing bartender anxiety. But every now and then, my ears would fill with Cadiz’s soft rich voice, drifting through the restaurant, and it made working bearable, even, dare I say, fun.

With this in mind, I invite you to take a moment to indulge in Cadiz’s new single, “At The Symphony” from her forthcoming Sunfair, which will be released via Misra Records March 4. The Fader premiered the song with a very attractive video by Matt Bauer. Watching the video I was reminded of my time working at the restaurant with Cadiz. Mostly because I  miss her, but also because ‘At The Symphony’ is about being high in public. And some parallels came to mind between how Cadiz helped make my time at the restaurant better, and how—for many—being high makes pretty much any situation better. Here’s what she told The Fader.

“Last winter my friends and I got stoned and went to see the symphony at Lincoln Center. We were in the nose bleed seats, perched way up on the sides of the auditorium. There’s barely any leg room between the seats and the edge so it feels like you could just lean forward a little too far and fall in. I kept dozing off and waking up to the beautiful whirling sounds and imagining tumbling into this canyon below. It was one of those magical New York moments.”

As you can see, hanging out with Cadiz is a lot of fun. But you probably can’t hang out with her, so instead she blesses you with her music. It’s similar to the joy of her company. And if nothing else, it’s a reminder that you can and maybe should get high and go to the symphony. Or order a pizza. Or anything, really.

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