Wherever you fall on the coffee spectrum (maybe you just like it black; perhaps you’re more of an almond latte person), there’s somewhere in Brooklyn that’s better than Starbucks. But the borough’s coffee scene can admittedly be overwhelming—particularly when you’re trying to navigate it before you’ve had your first cup of the day. And so while we’d never dissuade you from getting the occasional cup of bodega joe, for those times when you want something that’s on the next level, we invite you to check out these 10 Brooklyn coffee shops that do coffee right.


Supercrown Coffee Roasters
There’s serious buzz around Supercrown Coffee Roasters—and for good reason. People are flocking to the newest coffee joint in Bushwick, partially because it’s new and shiny, but also because it’s brewing up the kind of coffee that would convert the most complacent coffee fan into a dedicated bean-snob. Backed by New York coffee-world veteran and former Gorilla Coffee-owner, Darleen Scherer (as well as a vintage 1952 Probat UG-22 Roaster), it’s fair to say that Supercrown might be a new contender for best coffee shop in Brooklyn. Plus, their coffee milkshake–which has more of a rich, creamy ice cream texture than a liquid shake—is to die for. You’ll be getting your mid-afternoon burst while also satisfying your sweet tooth.
Drink of choice: Coffee Milkshake
8 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick

Erv’s on Beekman
Erv’s doubles as a cafe by day and bar by night, but the cozy spot’s dual personalities coalesce really nicely. Tucked away from any main thoroughfare, Erv’s is the rare coffee spot that feels like a secret hideaway, that’s just for those in the know. All that is fine and everything, but how’s the coffee? Great, actually. Erv’s brews Joe coffee and offers savory DUB pies all day, and, should you wish to pair your caffeine with something a little stronger, there’s cinnamon whiskey that serves as a pretty solid chaser.
Drink of choice: Double Shot of Espresso pair it w/ Cinnamon Whiskey
2122 Beekman Place, Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Café Madeline
There’s always a line at Café Madeline, so you might have to wait for a seat to open up—but it’s worth it. The café is packed with regulars (including me) who come for the spot’s extensive all-day breakfast and lunch menu, but stay for their outstanding coffee drinks. It’s inexpensive for a place that treats you as if you were dining at four-star restaurant, and where the plated presentation is impeccable but the atmosphere is not annoyingly bougie, and is rather super cozy, as well as being an ideal place for getting work done.
Drink of choice: Mocha Latte
1603 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park

Latte paired with Capricieux pink praline
Latte paired with Capricieux pink praline

Caprices by Sophie
Picture it: Caprices by Sophia brings a little slice of Paris straight to Williamsburg—all in the form of a small café. The spot’s spacious outdoor space is an added (and much appreciated) bonus, but the real star of the show are the perfectly foam-topped cappuccino and macchiato, as well as the gloriously intricate and superbly tasty, authentically French pastries.
Drink of choice: Macchiato
138 N 6th Street, Williamsburg

Smith Canteen
Every cafe is a labor of love, but Rob Newton and staff have created something extra special at Smith Canteen. This coffee shop covers all its bases by not only offering an excellent cup of straight black coffee, but also has a healthy selection of delicious sandwiches and pastries. The atmosphere is incredibly convivial and it’s the perfect spot to meet a friend and while away the hours of the morning.
Drink of choice:
Black Coffee with Counter Culture Coffee Beans
343 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens

WTF Coffee Lab
One of the only Brooklyn spots around to use beans from Portland roaster, Coava, WTF also employs an assortment of brewing techinques–French Press, Chemex, Sock Pot, Aeropress, siphon–to ensure that each cup is made to perfection. And the iced coffee is out of this world.
Drink of choice:
Kyoto Cold Brew
47 Willoughby Avenue, Fort Greene


Bien Cuit
While this Smith Street staple is best known for its insane breads and pastries, it is also the perfect place to linger over a beautifully prepared latte while also eating some… insane bread and pastries. The lattes here are nothing short of impeccable, and, unlike many more traditional spots, Bien Cuit does have both soy and almond milk on offer.
Drink of choice: Latte with almond milk
120 Smith Street, Cobble Hill

Southside Coffee
From the sandwiches–the signature Southside is a classic go-to–to the coffee, it’s hard to come up with a single thing Southside coffee does wrong. As a neighborhood fixture, the coffee shop is a sanctuary for those who are serious about their coffee. The George Howell espresso is nothing to mess with, and as far as great espressos go, we’re just going to straight up call it as being the best in Brooklyn.
Drink of choice: Cortado
652 Sixth Avenue, South Slope

Gorilla Coffee
At Gorilla Coffee, every detail counts. Oh, we’re not just talking about foam art or whatever, mainly it’s that the coffee they source and the techniques employed to make customers the perfect cup are spot on. And this is the place that first introduced maple lattes to the world. Or, if not to the world, at least to Taylor Swift.
Drink of choice: Maple Latte
97 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope

Variety Coffee Roasters
With three cafés in New York, Variety Coffee Roasters has quickly become a coffee staple in Brooklyn. Originally the only shop brewing Stumptown beans when it opened in 2008, Variety has since reinvented itself with the use of its own coffee blends. Each café is spacious, staffed by reliably awesome people, and the best part? Variety manages to be one of the most affordable of the borough’s high-end coffee purveyors. Well done all around.
Drink of choice:
Colombian Expresso
Various locations


  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this wasn’t written by a serious espresso drinker. A number of choices that make much worse coffee than many others that go unnamed.


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