Soon You Will Be Able to Eat Lettuce Gelato in Crown Heights

Photo via web

There’s plenty to say about L’Alberto dei Gelati: Italian for “tree of Gelato,” L’Alberto dei Gelati is a Brooklyn gelateria with Italian roots. Opened in Park Slope in 2013, the gelateria is run by a second-generation, sister-brother gelato maker duo steeped in family tradition, and in possession of a passion for peculiar flavors featuring ingredients like lettuce, eggplant, and zucchini. (But have no fear, traditionalists: more typical flavors are also offered.)

But soon, lettuce gelato will not just be available in Park Slope. According to DNAinfo, L’Alberto dei Gelati is coming to Crown Heights; a sign on the former Elsie’s Parlor doors hinted that storefront will soon be the home to the gelateria, a worthy replacement to the former doughnut shop.


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