Sample Sale: Get Some Gorgeous, Brooklyn-Based Clothes at O.N.A. This Weekend

Photo courtesy of Carleen Instagram.
Photo via Carleen Instagram.

What’s that? You’d like to attend a fantastic Brooklyn-based sample sale this weekend? Oh, ok. Your wish is O.N.A.‘s command.

Starting today and running through Sunday, the Prospect Heights boutique is offering deep discounts on a whole bunch of outstanding Brooklyn- and New York City-based designers—the likes of Wray, Carleen, Dusen DusenKordal, and more.

I was turned on to O.N.A., actually, via one of its labels, Wray. Wray Serna, the Greenpoint-based designer, made me want to own all of her clothes, because they are playful but so, so classy at the same time. And the woman who wears them automatically takes on those attributes. It is amazing. Now tell me: what better thing is there in fashion than to look good and have a good time, simultaneously? Trick question, there is nothing better.

When I followed Wray’s pieces to O.N.A., I was not disappointed by what I found there. So I excitedly and genuinely suggest you do the same; go there today, or tomorrow, or Sunday, to O.N.A., and buy some outstanding, beautiful pieces of sewn-fabric, known as fashion. Make one of them yours and then watch that thing—smile—creep onto your face. You look good, and you’re having a great time. You can’t help it. What a weekend.



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