The 10 Events You Can Commit to in Place of Your New Year’s Resolution

Maite Duck Egg 2 lo by Michael Tulipan
Maite will be serving their first brunch come New Year’s Day. Photo by Michael Tulipan.

Start working out. Travel more. Quit smoking. Traditionally, New Year’s Day is for fresh starts and implementing healthier routines and personal growth, but in practice, the day is pretty ill-conceived since it’s often designated as the New Year’s Eve recovery day for those in a hangover daze. So for those who are invested in the notion that “2016 is going to be their year,” we hate to inform you that you’re probably doomed before the clock hits midnight.

The truth is, making systemic changes in behavior is tough because as creatures of habit, we get stuck in routines that we can’t easily escape. Like biting our nails when we’re anxious or grabbing a doughnut each morning after getting off the L train. So while a goal like wanting to go to the gym four days a week after work is realistic, breaking that habit of drinking a beer when you get off work can be a challenge.

Making resolutions under the “new year, new me” guise might be hopeless, but if you’re adamant on making strives next year we suggest starting small by committing to these 10 events this New Year’s weekend.

2016 Coney Island Camp Sunshine Polar Dip
That unseasonably warm December weather had us doubting that a polar dip would even be that terrible, but as cooler temperatures have lately set in, it’s becoming apparent that the icy dive will continue to be a cruel, yet euphoric experience.
1/01 Rigelmann Boardwalk at Stillwill Avenue, Coney Island

Lord of the Rings Marathon
There’s nothing wrong with living vicariously through an individual sometimes, especially if money is tight and your resolution is to travel more come 2016, and the individual you’re shadowing is Frodo. We get it, it’s hard to have your own heroic adventures cross country when you’re living on a budget. Besides, Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship had one hell of an adventure. So no, we wouldn’t judge you for crossing “travel more” off your resolution list after binge watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy at Videology.
1/01 Videology: 308 Bedford Avenue
, Williamsburg

Even the biggest cynic can’t deny that after a long night out, brunch can be a safe haven for the drunk and disheveled to have something concrete in their life again because when everything else fails there’s always brunch. And what better time to enjoy the beauty that is brunch than after New Year’s Eve. Brooklyn Bowl, Maite, Grand Ferry Tavern, and the Richardson will be opening their doors to help satisfy your post-NYE brunch needs.
Maite: 159 Central Avenue, Bushwick
Grand Ferry Tavern: 229 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg
The Richardson: 451 Graham Avenue, East Williamsburg
Brooklyn Bowl: 61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

10th Annual 50 First Jokes NYC
There’s so much pressure the first few days of the new year to do something great, as if, whatever we do or say will determine the type of year we’ll have. The crippling stress to not screw up would deter some, all except for the 5o NYC comedians at Bell House who will use this time to get up in front of a crowd and share the first joke that they’ve written in the new year. Talk about guts.
1/02 The Bell House: 149 7th Street, Gowanus

New Year’s Noir 2016
What’s better than a NYE party? A NYE party that sets off a weekend of other parties. Sets from Leeds-based DJ and house producer Daley Padley, aka Hot Since 82, and Russian DJ, Julia Govor will act as catalyst to this massive New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day event.
12/31-01/02 Verboten: 54 N 11th Street, Williamsburg

Target First Saturdays: New Year, New Futures
All the unresolved outrage and injustice from 2014 boiled over into 2015, and with movements like Black Lives Matter becoming a permanent fixture in the national conversation, it seems that 2016 will continue this social justice trend until a level of equilibrium is reached across all issues. Following this trend, Brooklyn Museum has focused the first Target First Saturday of the new year on helping New Yorkers harness their creativity for social change by exploring this theme cross media.
1/02 Brooklyn Museum: 200 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights

I Know You Got Soul
With “grown-ass music for grown-ass folks” as their tagline, one could only assume that they’re in good company with this funk and soul dance party.
Freddy’s: 627 5th Avenue, South Slope

Harlem Globetrotters
Has it really been 90 years since the Harlem Globetrotters entered the scene? That’s a long time! The world famous team has entertained us with their hilarious court antics, amazing basketball skills, and memorable theme song for almost a century, and we know that you know how to whistle the catchy tune that you’ll have in your head for weeks after watching them at the Barclays Center this weekend.
1/02 Barclays Center: 620 Atlantic Avenue, Prospect Heights

Chocolate Tour of Brooklyn
Fuck your diet. Fuck body shaming. Fuck the perception that you aren’t beautiful or handsome because you don’t have an muscular build or an hourglass figure. Fuck media influence on body image. Fuck not eating what you want, when you want it. There!  We said it!  Now go eat all the chocolate that Williamsburg has to offer in this sweet tour.
1/02 Bedford Avenue & N 7th Street, Williamsburg

New Year, New You Kickoff
Tirade aside, if you’re still adamant about dieting and getting in shape in 2016 then far be it from us to keep you from it. The owners at Triple Treat Boot Camp are kicking off the new year with bootcamp, zumba, pilates and cardio kick boxing mini-classes to help ease you into your fitness journey.  And no, this is not us backpedaling from before. We were promised there were going to be mimosas upon arrival. And who can say no to mimosas?
1/02 Triple Threat Boot Camp at 1120 Washington Avenue, Prospect Lefferts Gardens


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