What Not to Do on NYE: Pay 400 Dollars to Eat at Olive Garden

Olive Garden Times Square.
Olive Garden Times Square.

I’ve always thought standing outside freezing my limbs off in Times Square on New Years Eve, squished up against a whole bunch of strangers yelling things in my ear, sounded like a very bad way to spend the last night of the year. But now that kind of sounds like a dream come true, at least compared to one alternative: shelling out $400 for a package-meal at Olive Garden in Times Square (breadsticks not included!) in order to get a partial view of the ball drop at midnight.

The New York Post reports that this is only one of several awful deals being offered at chain restaurants like Ruby Tuesday and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company that are kind of in the vicinity of the main event and boast obstructed glimpses of One Times Square.

But if the best view is what you’re going for, there is one clear winner: Bubba Gump Shrimp on Broadway. That will set you back $799, though. Know what? That’s tiny peanuts. At least compared to the $1,600 you can spend to be sort of close to the ball, still inside, and have no view of the ball’s descent at all—however, you will be able to eat mediocre food in the company of your main squeeze at Ruby Tuesday, because here you can get a “Couple’s VIP Table.” Paul Warsaw, the COO of Balldrop.com, clarifies that these savvy guests could still see the ball drop at midnight, that is, if they are “fortunate enough to make it outside,” the Post reports.

This is so confusing! I thought the point of this terrible idea was to be indoors at midnight!

Suddenly, sort of seeing the ball drop at Olive Garden for $400 has never sounded more reasonable. Come to think of it, Olive Garden has always had their shit in order—as a famous food critic from the Midwest and Anthony Bourdain have known forever. So, never mind. Hurry up and get your tickets.


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