The Quarter: Fort Greene’s Brand New Raw Bar Restaurant

Image via The Quarter, Brooklyn (Via TheQuarterBK Instagram)
Image via TheQuarterBK Instagram

Oddly enough—and, as I’ve previously stated, don’t get me wrong, Fort Greene does have plenty of places to eat and drink—I still find myself somewhat flummoxed about where I should get a quick bite in the neighborhood. Lots of very appealing options, like Walter’s, Dino, and Roman’s, are just frequently too expensive. Then there’s always Kinjo around the corner, where I eat all together too much sushi. So, any additional option is absolutely welcome.

One thing Fort Greene definitely did not have was a raw bar. Until now: Four proprietors are bringing oysters and much more to the hood with The Quarter, on Lafayette.

As Fort Greene Focus reports, the new spot inhabits the old Stonehome Wine Bar, whose already out-of-date wine-bar vibe was not helped at all by its basement level arrangement. I did not walk inside a single time. But, already, the Quarter is looking much more up-to-date and in-place, probably helped by the fact that its owners have done this before—they have another iteration of the restaurant in the West Village.

Opened three years ago, co-owner Jason Avery says the Manhattan Quarter has become a local favorite where people return weekly. His goal for the Fort Greene spot is similar, and that task will be made easier with the substantial renovations they’ve made, including an expanded backyard patio that is double its former size.

Outside of the mollusk and shrimp bar—which will include $1 Blue Points, $2 Deep Coves from Canada, and $2.50 Hood Canals from Washington state—the Quarter will serve cheese and charcuterie items, “lounge-y wine bar tapas,” as Fort Greene Focus reports, and toast sections with vegetable, anchovy, and cheese toppings, meant to be eaten with wine (but you could be aberrant and get a cocktail, too—there’s a full bar here). Plus, people: Mini-tacos, featuring fish, smoked barbecue, chicken, and lamb.

Happy hour and small dinners just got a whole bunch happier—and more sea-based—in Fort Greene.

The Quarter, 87 Lafayette Avenue, BK. Open now and for brunch and dinner on Christmas and New Year’s Day from 11am – 4pm; longer hours on non-holidays.


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