Make Facebook Great Again: You Can Now See Which of Your Friends Likes Donald Trump, and Then Immediately Unfriend Them

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.29.25 PM

Not gonna lie, but I use Facebook’s birthday alerts as a way to unfriend people. It’s harsh, but if I can’t muster up the energy to type three words, followed by a chain of emojis and exclamation points on your special day, then what’s the point? Can’t feel too guilty about it, because I’m hardly the only one who engages in this efficient and somewhat exhilarating Facebook cleanse.

But if only there was an alternative to this callous approach that didn’t make me feel so guilty in the end. Like, if there was some tool that had nothing to do with shunning people because it was their birthday and was instead related to things that really matter. Well, because the Internet is the greatest, we just found out about a new tool that does just that. Thanks to Buzzfeed Editorial Assistant Matt Ford, we now have access to a link which helpfully shows you which of your friends on Facebook like Donald Trump. This tool has easily become the quickest solution to two of life’s problems: Facebook friend clutter and identifying Donald Trump supporters.

Oh, if only everything in life were that easy. If you need me, I will be unfriending some people.