22-Year-Old Annika Zee Makes “Crazy” Sound Comforting

Annika Zee Crazy Aging Aesthetic

Annika Zee is a 22-year-old self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Toronto, Zee now lives in New York and is releasing her debut tape Aging Aesthetics in December. It’s a great time for bright new artists to burst forth, since the fourth quarter tends to be more sparsely populated while everyone gears up for the next year — though Rihanna is gearing up to buck that trend a bit. Still, Zee is the kind of artist that cuts through the winter chill; her voice is as warm and empathetic as the heroine in an old musical, but this production melts from simple and sumptuous into something more sinister. “Crazy” offers a shoulder to cry on, a layer of politeness to your mediate twisted thoughts, before twisting in on itself in a crackling zenith of static. Listen below and look for her whole EP coming soon.

Aging Aesthetics is out in December.


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