The Bushwick Block with Pizza Party And Boobs Is about to Get Tiki

These drinks join boobs and pizza next month in Bushwick.
These drinks join boobs and pizza next month in Bushwick.

Bushwick, yes, is a magnet for new business. The mouth-watering Foster Sundry, from former Murray’s Cheese head buyer Aaron Foster, will begin vending lots of high-end groceries and pork butt on Knickerbocker Avenue right after Thanksgiving. Right next door to that, Christopher Walken’s favorite late-night lounge opened recently in the back pocket of Three Diamond Door.

But from Knickerbocker, if you walk through Maria Fernandez Park and shoot out onto Irving Avenue, things are almost surprisingly quiet. There is the less-recent but excellent Fritzel’s Lunch Box and their constant, top-notch playlist, and good caffeine from Milk and Pull, but overall it is still very still. Until you get to the corner of Irving Avenue and Bleecker Street and—bam. Boobie Trap. The bar that opened in 2014 awash in plastic breasts and pink neon. Compared to the residential quiet before it, it appears like a portal to another dimension, not in an all-together settling way. Then, just across the street, Boobie Trap owners opened Bushwick Pizza Party earlier this year—a grade-school themed birthday party for adults. And next month, completing Bushwick’s party-oasis block, comes a new bar serving Brooklyn’s favorite cocktail du year, tiki drinks.

Bushwick Daily tells us that the new bar, on the corner of Irving Avenue and Menahan Street, will be called Dromedary and we’ll be able to start slurping up their Tiki-inspired beverages in mid-December.  There will also be board games, and chalk boards where local artists can leave their mark.

In short, now you can do the adult version of your favorite childhood activities—playing with boob coloring books, eating pizza while surrounded by Chuck E. Cheese vibes, and then downing sugary island-themed drinks while doodling on public spaces—all on one glorious block in Bushwick, while drunk.



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