Live Alone in Park Slope, Save Big Bucks?

Move here, without a baby, and pay less.
Move here without a baby and pay less

Recently, we’ve been told that the cost of buying homes and renting ground floor retail space in Brooklyn is prohibitively expensive. Which, you might say, doesn’t sound like news. There are a couple things nobody ever moved to New York City to do, and one of them is save money.

But now, if you’re a single person who has remained baby-free and doesn’t mind the words “Park Slope” we have some news of interest for you: Studio rents have gotten cheaper there.

Based on the latest data from MNS, DNAinfo reports that, in addition to overall rents dropping 1.7 percent, studio rents in the family-dense neighborhood have dropped the most—3.5 percent, or an average of $2,011. Not a steal but no worse than your standard bad deal.

Makes sense: People with babies move to Park Slope, so they don’t want a studio. But since, after moving there, you’ll suddenly be surrounded by young humans, you may forget you wanted one of your own, which means you should be able to wait it out in your cheapish studio, reaping the benefits of the real estate preferences of all your neighbors with offspring.

It’s the same kind of thinking turned on its head that allowed you to move to the city first place, so you’ll probably like it just fine. If you get bored, you can go ice skate for cheap at your neighborhood park.


  1. You know, I’m a hack. But I guarantee you I don’t suck blood for a living. What can be said about this piece but, “Written like a true vampire.”

    • As soon as I read “Recently” crowning that outpouring of privilege and entitlement about when people realized something that has been telling since before “recently,” I knew I had to duck because some bullshit was flying my way.


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