Beach House Cover Weezer’s “Undone — Sweater Song”

Beach House Weezer Undone Sweater Song

Beach House put out not one, but two albums full of their gossamer, intimate dream-pop this year. Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars are both slow-moving, contemplative collections — though I happen to prefer one — but at a recent show in Luxembourg they decided to go in another direction. Pretend it’s 1994 again and you’re not wondering 21 years later if Weezer is actually kind of terrible band? Try to remember the first time you heard “Undone — Sweater Song” and how it seemed like the only song you’d heard that actually describes how you feel at parties. Both Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally sing on the song, which makes it even better. Hopefully this cover will stay on their setlist until they make it back to Brooklyn? Watch below.


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