Tonight: Videology Premieres Your Life in a Coffee Shop, as a Web Series


As people who live in Brooklyn, we are adept at spending a lot of time at coffee shops. We all have our favorite one: Maybe it’s because the sandwiches are tasty, or the single origin coffee is on point, or the barista is hot, or it’s miraculously empty and you can actually get some work done, or–despite having or being none of those things–it’s close to your home and you’re lazy, so you go there.

Then there are those coffee shops–most of them, come to think of it–that are highly-colorful, self-contained worlds, filled with regulars whose off-putting habits you’ve memorized, and who cast sidelong glances at each other, and also by the staff who silently keeps tabs on and caffeinates them all.

And now, Bushwick Daily reports that Cody Swanson, real life barista and filmmaker at Little Skips in Bushwick, has gone and done what he must: Make a ten-episode web series, Counter Intuitive, based on a voluminous set of on-the-job data.

The first episode premieres tonight at Videology in Williamsburg. So, allow us to make a suggestion: Head to Black Brick Coffee now to finish your day of work–you know, really immerse yourself in the coffee patron mindset, as if you’re the method actor of the freelance coffee shop working world–then walk one half block south to Videology to watch a thinly fictonalized version of the day you just lived.

The episodes, apparently, can verge on the surreal, but so, too, can your best day-long visits to your neighborhood cafe.

Your life as a web series–Counter Intuitive–can be viewed at Videology Bar & Cinema, 308 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, at 9pm.  


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