Watch Dilly Dally Howl Through “The Touch” Video

Dilly Dally The Touch VideoDilly Dally is a lip-curling punk outfit from Toronto who released their debut album Sore a few short weeks ago. It has quickly become the most-played album in my music library, and the four-piece seem to be gaining speed at every turn, hurtling toward the kind of year that changes a band’s trajectory forever. I can’t overstate how impressive this album is — it’s one of the strongest debuts of the year. Core members Katie Monks and Liz Ball have a decade-plus friendship, and that bond shines in the precision and freedom that inhabits their aggressive, bright post-punk. Eventually, the girls added drummer Benjamin Reinhartz and bassist Jimmy Tony to their lineup, and Dilly Dally was complete. Today the band released a video for “The Touch,” a fuzzed-out, black and white clip that evokes the song’s snarling feminine energy and hints at the fervor they bring to live performances. Their pointed critiques are never fussy or forced, instead bleeding out with a natural, effervescent rage that’s simultaneously personal and cosmic. Watch the howling video for “The Touch” and definitely stream Sore below if you missed it in October.

Sore is out now via Partisan Records.


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