BeeLine: the App that Makes Biking in Brooklyn So Much Easier


New York isn’t always the ideal biking destination; at times it can even feel like a cyclist’s nightmare. It’s a pretty heavy burden to bear not to receive any respect when all we’re trying to do is get to our destination, just like everyone else.

And while there is nothing that will completely take away the difficulties of navigating the city landscape—I mean, more sanctioned bike lanes could certainly help—there is now an app that will make locating your destination much easier. BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that behaves like a compass and snaps onto your bike. Engineered to be weather- and shock-proof while also remaining as sleek as a watch, this navigation device’s aim is to bring more joy—or at least ease—into biking, no matter the destination.

“It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way,” BeeLine explains on its site. “Take charge of your ride and discover new places in your city.”

Ok, so we know that there are countless bike navigation devices already in existence that spew out the same “cycling made simple” rhetoric, but you know that you still continue to find yourself fiddling with your shirt pocket, sneaking peaks at your phone as you execute the one-handed cycle, all in an attempt to find your way to that weird one-way street in Greenpoint. But whereas traditional devices provide a series of complex instructions and turns, BeeLine simply points you in the direction you need to go, making it damn near impossible for you to make a wrong turn.

So if you’re prone to getting lost, and have, as we call it, “navigation dyslexia,” or just unfamiliar with the surroundings, then BeeLine might be just the thing keeping you from next collision.


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