Coven Time: Meet the Witches of Bushwick

Photo via Witches of Bushwick Instagram
Photo via Witches of Bushwick Instagram

Hey, if you’re looking for something Brooklyn-related and pro-witch (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?), check out the latest episode in Broadly’s Girl Gangs series: The Witches of Bushwick.

In case you haven’t read or heard about the Witches of Bushwick before, it’s a creative agency based out of Bushwick, which started as a casual conversation among a group of friends who wanted to realize their creativity in a way that would, you know, make money, sure, but also provide a unique platform for themselves and others whose work they believed in.

The word “witches” is historically fraught obviously, but that only means it’s time to finally reclaim it. Or, as one member says, “If [a witch] is just a person who is trying to find this cognizance between themselves and the Earth and their role in the Universe, yeah, we’re witches.”

WoB was initially founded by Christine Tran, who has now produced more than 100 parties, fashion shows, and events via the group, whose members include the fashion label Chromat, and trans artist Juliana Huxtable.

“I would never say no to anyone trying to be a part of what we’re doing,” says Tran. “We’re all here to grow, we’re not perfect, and we’re all trying to better ourselves, so why not just do it together?”

Check out what this group of bad-ass women are really all about in the video from Broadly.


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