Bushwick Now Has Its Own Font

bushwick font
screenshot via the Bushwick the Typeface Kickstarter

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Bushwick—a neighborhood home to an abundance of artists, designers, and crowd-funding enthusiasts—is the first Brooklyn neighborhood to serve as the inspiration behind an entire typeface, and that it has its own Indiegogo for you to back.

That’s right, via the Brooklyn Paper, we learned that Pablo Medina, a Pratt grad and founder of Bushwick design studio Design is Culture, has developed an entire typeface inspired by the Brooklyn neighborhood that real estate agents have stopped calling “East Williamsburg,” so trendy has it become. Medina feels that Bushwick deserves its own font because the neighborhood possesses a unique character, best embodied by the “really awesome integration of the immigrant community with the artist community.”

And what better way to celebrate this reality than by creating a typeface? Uh, we don’t know. We really can’t think of a single way. If you can’t either, you can help with Medina’s crowd-funding project here and further the branding project known as “Brooklyn.”

And, hey: As long as Medina isn’t creating a “Breuckelen” font, we don’t really care what he’s doing.


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