City Sub Returns Today, Triumphantly, as City Subs

Look at those expertly-cut fillings. (Via City Sub Instagram)
Look at those expertly-cut fillings. (Via City Sub Instagram)

Residents of Park Slope and lovers of basic-yet-delicious subs everywhere, brace yourselves: The beloved City Sub, which closed last year due to building renovations, reopens today, basically right now, at 82 Fifth Avenue under the new moniker City Subs (there’s an extra ’s’ in there, just to be clear).

As reported by Grub Street, City Subs–helmed by Thomas Moran, a ten-year veteran at the original location–will offer all the same subs that were loved and gobbled by sandwich eaters from neighborhood regulars to, evidently, Pete Wells.

Lest the lapse of a year-plus has made you forget that, in this case in particular, keeping things as they were is a very good thing, remember this: Moran has honed his sub-building skills not only through hours upon hours at the old location, but by listening specifically to you, and giving you whatever you ask for.

“I learned everything… what’s good or bad, how to slice tomatoes and onions at exactly the level that customers wanted,” Moran told Grub Street this summer about City Subs’ return. “I’m saying, I just give what the people want.”

What was the last time someone made you a sandwich considering the exact specifications of how you like your fillings sliced? It was probably a sandwich your mom made for you. Miraculously, today, and we hope every day after, that same love can be yours in sandwich form, once again.


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