RIP Juice: The Juicing Trend Is Officially Over

A juice from Grass Roots Juicery
A juice from Grass Roots Juicery
Eater reports that once hugely popular (and similarly ubiquitous) juice company Organic Avenue has abruptly shut down all its locations after service yesterday. And while the chain had been struggling financially for over a year, it’s hard to deny that OA’s closing seems like a harbinger of doom for one of the most prevalent food trends of the last few years: juicing.

Following on the heels of the frozen yogurt and cupcake trends, juice seemed to have real potential! It was something that you could be seen carrying around with you! (Visibility is key when it comes to food trends.) It was cheap enough that people didn’t feel guilty about buying it! But expensive enough that it felt like a treat! It was very Instagram-friendly! But now it’s not as fashionable anymore not only for the simple reason that all trends die, but also for the reason that it starts to feel really weird for everyone except multimillionaires to routinely pay this much just for something they’re going to pee out a couple hours later.

Anyway, so long juice. We’ll still drink you once in awhile. In the meantime, we’ll just be over here eating as much avocado toast as we can, because you just know that’s the next thing that’s due to disappear from menus soon. Actually, wait. No, we won’t.


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