Get Hungry: Faro in Bushwick Offers a 12-Hour Feast Every Sunday


Even if you’re not sure exactly where you fall on the brunch spectrum (from eggs Benedict-devotee to mimosa-cynics), there will be something to please everyone this weekend in Bushwick, because Faro, one of our favorite restaurants in all of Brooklyn, is playing host to a 12-hour-long feast every Sunday.

Known for being one of Bushwick’s most environmentally conscious restaurants, Faro is presenting this Sunday Brunch & Supper as an excuse for you to bring friends and family together after a long tiresome week, and as a way to show off chef-and-owner Kevin Adey’s newest items like the Dutch Baby AKA what happens when a pancake meets a popover AKA heaven on a plate, which will be topped with a combination of apple butter and whipped crème fraiche. But even if you’re not into “brunch” foods, you’ll still be able to try out a wide array of Faro’s acclaimed pastas, like the Roman Gnocchi, a large semolina flour dumplings with red wine braised beef.

But I mean, honestly, is there any better way to end each weekend than with a pitcher of Bloody Mary that has been crafted with roasted tomatoes from their wood fired oven, anchovy caramel and horseradish? I can’t think of a single one. Check out the whole menu for Faro’s feast below.

Faro: 436 Jefferson Street, Bushwick




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