Pastrami Lovers: Katz’s Delicatessen Is Expanding To Brooklyn


If there is a food synonymous with New York and only New York (fine, other than “bagel”) I’m gonna say it’s “pastrami.” And if there is a business synonymous with that, the only correct answer is Katz’s Delicatessen.

But because Katz’s is all the way over on the far, far side of the Williamsburg Bridge, that kind of sucks for us in Brooklyn. Yes, we have some terrific Katz’s alternatives, like David’s Brisket House and the Mill Basin Deli, but did any of those places make Meg Ryan faux-orgasm? No, they did not. So we’ve had to be content to travel across the water for our Katz’s fix.

Until now! Gothamist reports that the cured meat institution is expanding to Kings County inside the forthcoming DeKalb Market at 1 DeKalb Avenue (where there will be 60,000 square feet, 57 food vendors, and a Trader Joe’s).

And thank goodness. Even Katz’s owner Jake Dell agrees that getting to the Lower East Side from Brooklyn is arduous, so we’re very happy he’s decided to cater to our laziness. “Brooklyn has been a strong part of our customer base,” he told the Times. “We can make it a little easier for our customers who have been coming for generations.”

And in return, Jake Dell, we promise to stay put in Brooklyn and double down on our cured meat consumption. It is, truly, the very least we can do.


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