Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea Make the Move to Sunset Park This Month

Cheese Curds!
Cheese Curds!

At this point, Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea have a reputation for making moves: Opening new locations, switching up old ones, and adding more local vendors of food, beverages, and goods than you could reasonably hope to have access to in one space.

So it may not be surprising that they’re about to do it again. Starting Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18, through March of next year, Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg will make a joint move south to Industry City in Sunset Park.

As you might guess, there is no shortage of new and novelty vendors–not to mention a possibly less-expected arcade (we’re talking South Park and AC/DC pinball, vintage Blasteroids, and Pac-Man)–to make your trip on the R train worthwhile.

And as we are transitioning from smoked-meat and fresh-fruit-drink season to one where our primary concern is acquiring things to keep us warm, and preferably inside, the Industry City edition of Smorgasburg and Flea will be more goods-heavy (furniture, vintage and handcrafted goods and clothes) than edible-delights centric.

The 100 Flea vendors include Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn Film Camera’s original Polaroid Cameras, veteran seller Species by the Thousands, who will launch an apothecary line of candles, perfume oils, and something mysterious called White Magic Love Spray that you will likely want to investigate. And nota bene, if you’re in the market for humanely harvested butterflies encased in glass, you can find those too at Flutter by Katie.

You will, of course, need something to munch on while you shop, and there will be 40 vendors in that department, including a Ramen Shack from Ramen Burger creator Keizo Shimamoto, Mexican pizza from Oaxaca Taqueria, and a Barbecubano sandwich from Fletcher’s in Gowanus.

Go opening weekend if you want to dance–DJs Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin will make their last appearance of the season from 3-9pm–and if you want to do that but have a kid or just a lot of layeres, don’t fret, there’s a coat and stroller check, conveniently, next to the arcade.

This all sounds like a lot, and it is. So here’s our two cents: caffeinate yourself. Happily, there are many options to do that, too (Stand Coffee offers brews from Café Grumpy and Lofted Coffee). But because this is the eye of the world’s artisinal storm, make it fancy: try the sparkling “espresso tonic” from Café Integral. Then grab your stroller free baby and get back out on the dance floor and shake it.


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