Sponsored Video: Learn What Commitment Really Means with Eli Manning & Odell Beckham Jr.

Camp Commitment

You know the worst feeling in the world? Taking that first sip of your morning cup of coffee and finding out that it’s not what you ordered. Actually, the worst feeling is when you’re already on the subway once that happens—but we digress. Your first cup of coffee can really shape your day, and we know just how crucial it is to get that right.

Since that cup is so important, wouldn’t it be great if someone were so dedicated to getting it right that they actually trained for it? An unlikely feat, but one that Dunkin Donuts has playfully imagined in their Camp Commitment video below.

This imaginary training camp is one we wouldn’t mind joining, especially if we were there with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr., who both know something about teamwork and consistency. Even though Director Doug’s tactics are a bit (okay, extremely) offbeat, the true spirit of commitment is present in every task these Giants are asked to do—yes, even discovering their “spiritual” animals.

Although we understand that Dunkin Donuts employees get more traditional training than what’s shown above, Camp Commitment does look like a lot of fun. And if the end goal is to give us the perfect morning cup o’ joe? We’re definitely on board!

Seriously—it’s pretty cool that an establishment that serves over 1.5 billion cups of coffee each year wants every single one of those cups to be made just like it should be. And the best part of Dunkin’s commitment to getting your coffee just right, every time? If it’s not, you can let them know and they’ll fix it right away.

Want to see more of #CampCommitment? Click here for some hilarious outtakes from the video!

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