The Cost of Living in Brooklyn Versus Other U.S. Cities, Depressingly Visualized

American cities with the highest cost of living (screen shot via Experian Information Solutions)

We all know the rent in Brooklyn is too damn high, but a new infographic that offers an in-depth look at costs of living in cities across the country puts the too-damn-high numbers in depressing perspective. Consider it your guide to moving to a more wallet-friendly city.

Designed by Experian Data Quality, the infographic visualizes in great detail the cost of living compared to the median incomes in cities around the U.S. It breaks down living costs to some basics: housing, food, utilities, transportation, health care, transportation.

The cities with costs that are stratospherically higher than the national average are printed in red. And, of course, Brooklyn, New York wins first prize for the American city with the highest cost of living. To break it down, the average cost of housing in Brooklyn is 317.8% of the national average, grocery items are 181.7%, and utilities are 165% of the national average. All this while the borough’s median income is $32,135, 60.6% of the national average of $53,046.

So how about checking out lovely Pueblo, Colorado, where living costs are 14.4% lower than average AND weed is legal?

See the full infographic and the raw data here.



  1. C’mon?! I love the city, but to live in poverty just because Brooklyn is so cool?! I live in Colorado and make over three times your median income. I can visit Brooklyn whenever I want and still live extremely comfortable here. To each his own.


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