The G Train Derailed Last Night in Downtown Brooklyn, so Expect Travel Delays

Photo: MTA
Photo: MTA

A Church Avenue-bound G train carrying nearly 100 passengers derailed last night as it rumbled through Downtown Brooklyn, forcing emergency responders to evacuate people from the halted train onto the platform of Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. NBC New York reports that officials tended to three injuries on the scene, and that all victims were rushed to a hospital shortly after the incident. The front two wheels of the train veered off the tracks at around 10:34 last night, according to DNAInfo.

Video footage recorded from the scene shows a thong of police officers, fire fighters and MTA officials clustered on the platform at Hoyt-Schermerhorn, guiding passengers to station’s exit. A man is later seen placed on a gurney and carried into an ambulance.

NBC reports that the derailment is currently under investigation and that severe delays are imminent on several subway lines throughout Brooklyn. The following service changes are currently in effect:

There is no G Subway Line Icon train service between Fulton St and Church Av in both directions. Take the F Subway Line Icon instead.

There is limited G Subway Line Icon train service between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Court Sq in both directions.

There is shuttle train service between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Fulton St in both directions.

Some A Subway Line Icon trains are running local between Utica Av and Hoyt-Schermerhorn in both directions.

Free transfers are available between Broadway on the G Subway Line Icon line and Lorimer on the J Subway Line IconM Subway Line Icon and Z Subway Line Icon lines.

Free transfers are available between Fulton St on the G Subway Line Icon line and Lafayette Av on the C Subway Line Icon line.

As an alternative for G Subway Line Icon service customers can use the northbound B38 bus on Lafayette Av or the southbound B38 bus on DeKalb Av.

The damage wrought by the derailed train is substantial and will necessitate further repairs and more delays over the weekend.

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