Objects of Desire: Throne Crown from WXYZ Jewelry


Subtlety has its place—we’re big fans of the no-makeup look (with some smudged eyeliner, but still), and rarely do much more than comb our fingers through our hair—but then there are those times when we want to go big, when we want to be noticed. And that’s where the Throne Crown comes in. Designed by Laura Wass, founder of WXYZ Jewelry, this gilded geometric beauty suits pretty much any look we can dream up, and we’re excited to wear it with a turtleneck and jeans this fall, or maybe even nothing at all—the Crown stands alone. And lest you think that a crown like this is suited only for kings, no less a sovereign than Beyonce—the Queen Bee, herself—wore a WXYZ gold headpiece in her video for “7/11.” Bow down.


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