Here is a Map of Citywide Dog Poop Complaints

Source: the economist
Source: the economist

New York City dog poop is something of an eternal struggle; it’s liberally scattered from borough to borough, and is no stranger to the bottom of pretty much everyone’s shoes. Our streets are fecal minefields, and to better demonstrate this situation, there’s now a map illustrating the city’s shittiest neighborhoods. 

Via The Economist comes a map that should serve as a PSA to any dog-owner too lazy clean up after their pets, and clearly indicates that we live in a land riddled with rogue turds.

The map was compiled from complaints recorded over the course of last year. The majority of dog-curbing complaints took place in uptown Manhattan, mostly on the east side and closer to Harlem. In Brooklyn, the majority of complaints being logged on the north side, closer to Bushwick; and it’s no coincidence that the highest concentration of complaints in Queens, then, took place along the Bushwick/Ridgewood border.

But, as we continue to live with 100,000 tons of dog poop scattered across the sidewalks of NYC, let’s remember that Brooklyn’s streets used to be coated in human refuse. We can all thank the advent of modern plumbing for our relatively cleaner streets.

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