So, Actually: It was a Different Twin Peaks that Filmed at Grand Prospect Hall

Screen shot of the fake Twin Peaks production permit.
Screen shot of the fake Twin Peaks production permit.

Television productions bearing the namesake of cult classics be damned: The Twin Peaks that filmed earlier this week at Grand Prospect Hall has nothing to do with director David Lynch, donuts, coffee, or any mysterious “log lady.” It was an entirely different affair. 

Grand Prospect Hall owner Michael Halkias, in addition to other venue staff, were sworn to secrecy by whatever company sought production on the grounds under the same moniker as the famed show. All Halkias could say about the situation was “we’re under total occupation.”

For some hopeful Brooklynites, the prospect of the campy series being revived in their backyard was met with glee.

But alas, the excitement soon flickered. DNAinfo reports that a spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment confirmed that the production was indeed just a commercial shoot, and that since David Lynch was never spotted on set, the reclusive filmmaker might as well be hunkering down in a hermetic bunker on mars, or wherever else he likes to hang out.

Anyone who follows Showtime on Twitter could have seen the writing on the wall much earlier, however. The premium cable network, which will  broadcast the reprised Twin Peaks series in 2017, allayed speculation earlier this month, with an official statement on social media:

But really, can we just watch the new Twin Peaks now?

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