Don’t Lock Your Baby In a Safe

Not a good place for babies.
Not for babies.

A friendly PSA: Safes = bad places for babies. Police are searching for a Brooklyn couple whose baby was found locked in a safe in a Howard Johnson hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, NBC reports. 

On Tuesday morning, the infant’s distraught parents told cleaning staff that their baby was stuck inside the hotel room safe, roughly the size of a mini-fridge, similar to the one pictured above. Maintenance workers were able to open the safe on Tuesday afternoon and free the baby, who was alert but understandably crying, according to Niagara Regional Police. The couple took their baby and fled. Hotel staff contacted the police an hour later.

“There is no information on how the baby ended up locked in the safe,” Niagara police said in a press release.”We’d like to believe it was an accident at this time,” Sgt. Scott Kraushar told The Hamilton Spectator. “They were acting appropriately.” A language barrier made it hard for hotel staff to get more information from the family. Though the baby appeared to be less than a year old, police say it’s “possible” he or she got himself locked inside the safe.

Police believe the couple is still in Canada and asked the public to be on the lookout for a gray Ford van with the New Jersey license plate B31EUB. At this point, police are not anticipating charges.

[via NBC News]


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