5 Brooklyn Castles You Didn’t Realize Were Castles

White Castle isn't the only castle in Brooklyn.

Local LARPers, rejoice: Curbed has put together a comprehensive guide to New York City’s many castles (or, at least, buildings that look a lot like castles. Okay, most are technically armories, but “castle” sounds way better). Many of these palatial structures are in Brooklyn (it’s called Kings County for a reason). Here, the best places in the borough at which to pretend you’re in Game of Thrones, especially if and when White Castle’s Brooklyn empire falls. 

1322 Bedford Avenue, via Wikimedia Commons

1322 Bedford Avenue Shelter 
The 23rd Regiment Armory, built in the early 1890s, now functions as perhaps the most majestic homeless shelter in all the land. It was designed by Brooklyn architects Fowler & Hough, as well as New York State architect Isaac Perry, to resemble a medieval European military structure. 1322 Bedford Avenue. 

Sumner Avenue Armory via dmna.ny.gov

Sumner Armory
Another historic armory-turned-homeless shelter, Sumner Armory opened its 200-foot-tall towers in 1894. 357 Marcus Garvey Boulevard.

271-301 Cadman Plaza East, via Wikimedia Commons

United States Post Office – Cadman Plaza East
A Romanesque Revival-style post office completed in 1892. 271 Cadman Plaza East. 

"Erasmus Hall High School central tower" by Beyond My Ken - Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons -
Erasmus Hall High School
Erasmus Hall High School, built 110 years ago, is basically the Hogwarts of Brooklyn. In Collegiate Gothic architecture by C. B. J. Snyder, the majestic building features Oriel windowscrenellated parapets, and Tudor-arched entrances. Royal alumni include Neal Diamond, Mae West, and Barbra Streisand. 911 Flatbush Avenue. 
Park Slope Armory YMCA via Wikimedia Commons
Park Slope Armory YMCA
This Gothic Revivalist fortress was built in 1880 by architect Charles Clinton. Long used for military purposes, it’s now crunchy Park Slopers’ premiere destination for Zumba and Vinyasa Yoga classes.  361 15th St.
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