Video: Remembering Brownsville-Born Rap Legend Sean Price

Sean Price (image via Flickr)
The late rapper Sean Price (image via Flickr)

Since Brooklyn rap legend Sean Price–AKA Ruck, AKA Megatron Sean, AKA Kimbo Price–passed away in his sleep at the age of 43 this past Saturday, homages to the Brownsville native have been cropping up around the borough. There’s already a mural of Price’s face in Crown Heights, and a wake was held for him in Flatlands on Tuesday. Now, Complex has put together a memorial video about the late rapper’s 20-year plus career, from his start in the mid-90s as a founding member of hip-hop collective Camp Clik and duo Heltah Skeltah to the releases of his three solo albums.

“What Sean Price did was write bars,” Peter Rubin writes in Complex. “Thousands and thousands of them, each an exercise in menacing literality. But his ice grill was deadpan; every threat was tinged with a laugh, and you could always hear the smile lurking behind the serious.”

Watch the video here.

[via Complex]


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