The Best of Williamsburg’s Gucci Mane-Themed Art Show

By Alex Sherriff, via The Burrprint

In honor of the launch of The Burrprint, a blog devoted entirely to Gucci Mane fan art, the site’s curators held a gallery show in Williamsburg this week, celebrating the rapper’s “artistry and influence.”

Curated by Electric Circus and part of the Tumblr IRL series, which brings net art into the real world, the show displayed an impressive array of Gucci iconography. “Atlanta’s musical godfather,” as the curators call the rapper, served as muse for everything from psychedelic cartoons to realistic oil paintings (he eats burgers in one; lies shot in a jacuzzi in another, a la Spring Breakers). Featured artists include Gangster Doodles, who does minimal line portraits that capture Gucci’s softer side; Alex Sheriff, a masterful portraitist; and Malik Roberts, whose mixed-media tributes channel Basquiat.

The one night only event was at Villain, in Williamsburg, and featured performances by 808 Mafia, Rome Fortune and Farrington G. If you missed it, check out these highlights of the show.

By Malik Roberts, via Tumblr tumblr_ns7c1dN4iL1uvrgbjo1_500 tumblr_nsjozrI2ME1sqqileo2_r1_500 tumblr_nrzyprjvCa1qdtn8ao1_500 tumblr_nsjpe4VOPL1sqqileo1_500

[via Fader]

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