Please Don’t Kill Me: Or, the 19 Scariest New York City Vehicles for Cyclists, Ranked

Don't look down.
Don’t look down.

These are the vehicles we least like to encounter when we ride our bike in Brooklyn, ranked from least to most piss-our-pants scary.

19) Vespa
18) Food delivery guy’s motorized scooter
17) MTA Bus
16) FedEx truck
15) Garbage truck
14) NYPD car
13) Rental van
12) NYPD van
11) USPS truck
10) UPS truck
9) Double-decker tourist bus
8) Street-cleaning truck
7) Full-sized school bus
6) Mini-school bus
5) Car with New Jersey license plates
4) Dollar vans
3) Monsey Tours bus
2) 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck
1) Car with Massachusetts license plates

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