“Black Lives Matter” Street Signs Coming to NYC

Images via Art in Odd Places
Images via Art in Odd Places

Public art project Art in Odd Places has announced that a series of “Black Lives Matter Street Signs,”printed with statements like “white guilt is complacency,” will soon be cropping up on New York City streets.

The “guerilla street signs,” created by Ghana Think Tank, make anti-racist statements in the same simple visual vernacular as mundane traffic and “no parking” signs. They’ll be part of AiOP’s 11th annual art festival, AiOP: Recall 2015, which will see 40 artists showcased in previous years return to present updates of their work. The festival stretches down 14th Street, from Avenue C to the Hudson River, from October 7 to 11. 

[via Bedford & Bowery]


  1. This is the same kind of collectivist propaganda that was propagated by the Communist Party of China or the Islamic government of Iran, foisting politically correct thought on the hapless citizenry. It smacks of Soviet social realism as well. Don’t drink the kool aid.


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