Prospect Park Dog Beach Closes Due to Deadly Algae, But There’s Other Places to Take Your Dog This Summer

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This lake is currently infested with deadly algae

It seems like this summer has been rife with toxins and deadly disease outbreaks, but this particular algae buildup at Prospect Park Lake should come to affect dogs more than any other species. Alternatively known as the Prospect Park Dog Beach–where canines dip their paws during hot summer months–the lake has experienced a buildup of some deadly algae, which according to the Brooklyn Papercauses a plethora of unpleasant symptoms

Blue-green algae bares the appearance of split-pea soup or even guacamole, but it’s something dogs won’t like eating or frolicking in. As per tests conducted by the Department of Environmental Conservation last week, the vomit-inducing, diarrhea-trigering substance is swarming the lake’s warm waters at high levels, and consumed “most or all” of the shoreline, according to DNAinfo.

But don’t despair! There’s plenty of other places to take your dog this summer that aren’t affected by a green-blue pestilence. Take this map of Brooklyn dog parks made by the Veterinary and Emergency Referral Group. It shows, and labels, many of the spots that offer dog runs throughout the borough.

Screenshot: Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group BK
Screenshot: Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group BK

So protect your pup by taking them to one of these disease free spots while you wait for The Dog Park Beach Catastrophe of 2015 to subside.

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