High Fashion Nightmare: Brooklyn Artist Sues Moschino Over Stolen Designs

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With the ubiquity of images and just plain old “content” cropping up online at the speed of FiOS, it should surely come as no surprise when artists have their work stolen by prominent fashion labels, or even Starbucks for that matter. And as misfortune would have it, Brooklyn street artist “Rime” is suing the Milan-based label Moschino, claiming that Creative Director Jeremy Scott lifted his design in one of the company’s more recent collections. As far as high-fashion news is concerned, Derek Zoolander would not approve. 

The New York Post reports that Rime’s lawsuit name-drops the likes of Gigi Hadid and demands straight cash from the designer for tarnishing the artists’ “street cred.”

Rime’s work mostly takes the form of graffiti paint-jobs that smack of traditional street art, and well, the alleged purloined design seems to have made its way onto a dress that Katy Perry has warn on the red carpet.

Photo: Getty images
Scott (right) on the red carpet. Photo: Getty images

This isn’t the first time Scott has found himself in trouble for borrowing too much from a different designer. In 2013, he found himself sued by Santa Cruz Skateboards over similar matters, but was able to settle the case out of court.

The main piece the suit calls into question is “Vandal Eyes,” a design Rime completed in 2012 for a Detroit street-art foundation, reports the Post. The suit alleges that Rime’s “credibility as a graffiti artist was compromised” by including his work in such “a crass and commercial publicity stunt.”

Take a look at “Vandal Eyes” below:

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