Summer Crime: Ice Cream Bandit Makes Away with Over $1,000 Worth of Delicious Frozen Treats

PUMPKIN blue marble pumpkin ice cream

In an act probably borne of sheer mania in response to recent high temperatures, a thief stole several ice cream truck’s worth of frosty snacks and popsicles last weekend in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. The ravenous bandit came away with approximately $1,100 in sugary loot according to DNAInfo, and there really aren’t any clues as to what the thief intends to do with the ice cream stash, except for well, you know, eat it. 

DNAInfo reports that the trucks, which were parked on a private lot on Sackett Street, were broken into during the wee hours of Sunday morning, between 1:00 and 3:30am. This is according to the police, who haven’t had to investigate an ice cream heist of this magnitude since well, ever, probably.

Among the stolen goods was a bunch of Good Humor ice cream popsicles as well as a hefty bundle of ice cream cones.

“Other stolen items included a $400 Sony television, an “ice cream product” worth $500 and more than $2,200 in cash and coins,” DNAinfo reports.

Wherever the ice cream thief is hoarding their massive trove of icy delicacies, one thing is clear: Nobody’s dessert is safe this summer.

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