This Might Be the Best Way to Spend $16 in Bushwick

Prix-fixe BLT photo via Tutu's
Prix fixe BLT
(insert all the pig emojis here)
photo via Tutu’s

If you happen to find yourself in Bushwick, with a $20 bill burning a hole in your pocket, resist the urge to spend it on something at Beacon’s Closet, as we so often do. Instead, strongly consider heading right next door to the laid-back gastropub, Tutu’s, which, in addition to doing the always welcome $1 oyster bit, also offers a bang-up $16 prix fixe, served Monday to Friday, from 11am to 4pm—rather like a leisurely midweek brunch.

The fact that the deal includes your choice of coffee or tea (yes, even iced!) plus a mimosa or bloody mary also fosters the lazy Sunday illusion, which can be further aided by the $4 “mightymosa” upgrade, which buys a mason jar-sized drink. A duo of food options includes a righteous (if rather unwieldy) BLT—accompanied by a nicely dressed arugula salad or haystack of rosemary and shallot-encrusted fries—which is totally worth dribbling herb-flecked aioli down the front of your shirt. That being said, we ended up dissecting the towering sandwich with a knife and fork, spearing colorful bites of grilled, thickly-cut sourdough bread, accordions of beautifully rendered slab bacon, pop art-red Jersey farm tomatoes and crunchy frills of romaine.

The alternate order is that highly Instagrammable treat, avocado toast; here, the creamy crescents are fanned across seven grain bread, along with pico de gallo and a pair of any-style eggs (needless to say, sunny side or over-easy are the only acceptable selections). It’s enough to make you want to kick back, loosen your belt buckle, and play hooky the rest of the day.

25 Bogart Street, Bushwick



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