A Studio in Brooklyn Heights is Selling For $1.3 Million

360 Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights, where studios sell for $1.3 million. Photo: Screenshot/Streeteasy
360 Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights, where studios sell for $1.3 million. Photo: Screenshot/Streeteasy

Occasionally, when life presents us with confounding problems, we ask the requisite questions: “What does it all mean?” “Why is this happening?” “How did I get here?” Because issues that spur such fits of self-reflection are basically out of one’s control, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that certain problems are bigger than we can handle. However in the case of a $1.3 million studio apartment listed on StreetEasy, there is literally no consolation available. We can’t be placated. We are literally dumbstruck. This is just too terrible.

Brooklyn’s real estate market is almost a parody of itself at this point. It’s been said (and reported), that the borough’s housing bubble will never pop, and if this logic is to be trusted, we’re due for more of what we’re seeing at 360 Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights.

The apartment itself is luxurious, but it’s still only 900 sq. feet. It’s a studio. It’s got one bathroom. It’s big enough for a dinner party, albeit a small one. The listing does have some gorgeous amenities, as should be expected of anything upwards of $1 million dollars. But still.

From StreetEasy:

The chef’s kitchen is complete with a Bosch cook top, oven, and dishwasher. It also has a pantry, vented hood plus garbage disposal and Sub Zero refrigerator. The bath is 4 fixture including a Duravit soaking tub, stall shower, vanity and Toto toilet.

There you have it. Name brand appliances and a refrigerator that can literally freeze the shit out of anything you could imagine. That’s what $1.3 million will get you in Brooklyn Heights these days, along with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline–something easily at your disposal while taking the NQR or JMZ across almost any damn bridge in New York City.

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  1. 360 Furman Street is not in Brooklyn Heights. It’s in Brooklyn Bridge Park, that’s for sure. It is not within the historical confines of Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Heights is the City’s first Historic District and it’s bounderies are well-documented. The idea that 360 Furman is in BH is just trashy spin by real estate developers to enhance value.


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